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What Are the Unique Ways To Market Your Commercial Properties?

by Horizon CRE | Jun 29, 2021 |

Commercial properties require unique marketing strategies. When you work with Horizon Commercial Real Estate, we will use every tool at our disposal to market your property, so you receive the best possible return. While some methods are tried and true, others take a slightly different approach.

Marketing Commercial Real Estate in Oklahoma


The first step to advertising commercial properties to potential buyers is listing them online, where they will be seen by other realtors and people searching for property. Commercial real estate brokers will ensure that your property is listed where it needs to be.


People typically begin their property search online. For this reason, commercial property should have its own page on a website that gives a brief description of the property and highlights the main selling points.


The best thing about flyers is that they can be printed to hand out to people, and you link pdfs of the flyers online. Creating a simple flyer allows you to reach your target audience in different ways.


Email is the perfect way to reach the target audience quickly and easily. With this method, you could catch people’s attention before they begin actively searching for commercial real estate in Oklahoma.


They might not be new technology, but signage is effective. Everyone knows what a realtor’s sign looks like and precisely what it means. So, if a potential buyer or renter has had their eye on your property, the sign will give them all the information they need to take a closer look.

Social media

Social media platforms can be wonderful places to share commercial properties. Most people regularly use social media. Whether sharing a post or creating an online ad, do not overlook the reach that social media has for potential renters or buyers.

Personal Connections

The most effective way to advertise a commercial property is through personal connections. Working with people you trust has an influence that will never fade. Commercial real estate brokers spend time making connections and building relationships. When a broker knows that their client has a property that might interest someone they know, they can skip a few steps and go straight to the source.

Marketing to Your Audience

The only way to be successful in your marketing campaign is to target your audience.

Who will be interested in your property?

What do they need?

What is their budget?

An industrial building, for example, will have a completely different audience than office space will. Therefore, your plan needs to consider who your target audience is and the best ways to reach them. At Horizon Commercial Real Estate, we put our knowledge of the marketplace to work for each client. Our strategic planning process ensures that we sell each commercial property for the best price possible. In addition, a carefully tailored marketing strategy gives our clients the advantage of reaching the attention of their target audience. Please contact us to find out more about our services and how we can help you market your property.

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