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What Are New Technologies Affecting Industrial Buildings In Oklahoma?

Updated: Sep 16, 2021

Technology is constantly changing. Change is inevitable, and technology affects every aspect of our personal and professional lives, even when it comes to industrial buildings in Oklahoma. From constructing an industrial building OKC to the way that people work in it, the importance of technology cannot be ignored.

Construction and Technology

Horizon Commercial Real Estate specializes in both the sale and development of the property. As a result, we pay attention to the changing trends in both the market and technology. To create industrial buildings in Oklahoma that attract people, they must meet the expectations of buyers or renters. Here are a few pieces of technology that are making a huge difference in construction.


The sight of drones is becoming more common every day. While hobbyists enjoy them, they are time and cost-saving tools in the construction industry. They create topographical maps of construction sites in a fraction of the time mapping used to require. They also help to keep track of equipment.

Augmented Reality

Whether working on new construction or building updates, augmented reality gives a sneak peek of how the site would look after the proposed work is complete. Simply display the plans to create an image that becomes part of the environment. This technology goes beyond visualization to provide safety information as well as measurements.

Industrial Building OKC

Some technology overlaps construction and industry. Here are some examples of technology that benefits industrial buildings and their construction.

Mobile or Smart Technology

The convenience of accessing systems and information from our phones is something that most people now expect. People want to control their alarms, thermostats, etc., with the push of a button. In construction, workers benefit from meetings online and shared work. Immediate collaboration between employees will save both time and money. When you are considering development, make sure that you do not overlook internet connectivity options for builders and tenants. Also, consider the type of technology your audience will want in the building you are trying to create.


Robots are used for simple manufacturing tasks. If you want to attract manufacturing, consider a layout that will support this growing technology. Robots are also helpful in the construction process. For example, they can carry tools and equipment, and they are only growing more complex as time passes.


No matter the technology in place, success all comes down to planning and layout. An industrial build is not just a storage space; it is where people work. Business owners use industrial buildings for many different reasons. Make sure to plan for the purpose of the area as well as the technology the tenants will need.

If you are looking for industrial buildings in Oklahoma or you are ready to consider developing a structure of your own, Horizon Commercial Real Estate is here to help you reach your goals. Our team is prepared to answer any questions you may have and use our insight and years of experience to guide you in the direction that you want to go.

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