Nicole and Jasmine Move to a New Brokerage: Horizon Commercial Real Estate

Updated: Feb 16

Why would I go from working with one of the largest, most prestigious commercial real estate firms in the country to a small, boutique firm in Oklahoma City?

If I had to narrow it down to just a few words, those words would be flexibility, creativity, and relationships. Most companies focus on words like integrity, experience, market knowledge. Those things should be a given in this field of work. If we don’t have those things, we don’t even belong in this business. But, what are the things that make you decide to do business with one company over another…that’s what initiated the change.

Let’s look at Flexibility. Believe it or not, Oklahoma is a rather small market compared to many other areas of the country. In large, Tier One cities, you could be so specialized that you only work on tenant rep deals in a particular geographic area with only one product type. We actually tried that with the larger firms and realized we were walking away from business because it didn’t fit the narrow description of the kind of deals we were known for at the large firm. Since making the change, Jasmine, my junior partner, and I have had the opportunity to work on a variety of deal types and it keeps the work interesting and fruitful. Rather than turning down a potential client, we can say yes to the properties that make sense for our vision. On a given day, we may work on a large land development project or a small retail lease. And, we work on those with equal energy and enthusiasm because we realize it takes all types of deals to be successful in this business.

I know there is something to be said for specialization, but there is also something to be said for having a wide range of knowledge that you can bring to an investor or buyer. When you only do one thing, your lens fixates on that one thing that may not be a good fit for you buyer or tenant. With more broad knowledge you are able to consult with your broker, looking at different angles to consider and make a more well-informed decision.

Next is creativity. The kind of creativity I’m referring to is the kind that gets deals done and finds solutions to problems that seem insurmountable. It’s thinking outside the narrow commercial real estate “We’ve always done it that way” box. Over the years, I find myself engaged in deals that could have died many times without being able to take a creative look at the problem and find the solution. Sometimes it’s just a matter of really hearing your clients, digging in, and asking the right questions. This is something we have the ability to do at Horizon and we have over forty years of experience between us that our clients get to benefit from. Our creativity is coupled with patience and a level head to get to the root of the problem and find the solutions.

Lastly, is relationships. This is a key element in our business. Without the long-term relationships we share with our clients, we are only as good as the next transaction broker down the street. When we take a personal interest in their business, their investment, and their lives to make sure we are doing everything we can to help them and be their trusted advisor every step along the way, we solidify that relationship. We pride ourselves in the great relationships and reputation we’ve built over the years and plan to continue to build on those for many years to come. It’s key for our clients to feel like they can pick up the phone and share their thoughts on what’s happening in the market or with their portfolio and know that we have their back.

The bottom line is that we look forward to working with you at our new commercial real estate brokerage home and we believe you’ll experience the difference between how we do business and what would be considered the status quo. If we haven’t had a chance to sit down one-on-one yet and talk about your real estate goals, let’s get something on the calendar for this coming year. 2022 is going to be a great year in this business, so let’s work together to achieve your goals!

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