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Why You Will Love Working With Horizon Commercial Real Estate!

During February, I think it’s important to remember to love what you do. It may seem cliché and overused, but when you love what you do for a living, it makes it more exciting to hop out of bed and get the workday started. In that same way, we want our customers to love doing business with us.

I believe at Horizon we have a secret formula for making our clients feel important and loved. Granted, some of these things are just being implemented, but we have standards that we’ve set that will make Horizon Commercial Real Estate stand out from other commercial real estate brokerages. You might wonder why I would share this information with our competition, but I know how hard it is to uphold these standards and I think a lot of brokers are comfortable with the way they currently do business.

So, here are a few of the highlights:

We have the best in the industry marketing.

If you are reading this email, you know it’s true. Our team, with Jasmine leading this effort, has created a beautiful, sophisticated rebranding for Horizon, and a calendar that runs like clockwork when putting out our materials, social media, emails, etc.

In addition, all of our properties get attention EVERY WEEK. I know that many of you may find that hard to believe, but we have a marketing meeting every Monday and determine strategies and action steps to make sure we are all working in unison to find a buyer or tenant for the properties we have listed. When you see a property on social media or receive an email, recognize that the property you are seeing also received dedicated attention during the week to enhance our targeting efforts.

Communication is critical.

Everyone says that, but not everyone follows through and actually provides information to the owner during the term of the listing. This is an area that we have been in the process of perfecting, so forgive me if you haven’t received your owner report yet, rest assured it is on the way. The reason these don’t just get rushed to you is because we have a lot of data to collect, plus I personally analyze the data, share insights from showings or phone calls, and give you a glimpse of the future marketing we have planned for your property. This is also a welcome opportunity for you to respond and share your thoughts on our efforts.

We focus on solutions.

This business is hard and without a mindset of finding solutions, it’s going to be very discouraging as too many deals will die. We don’t work in a silo here either. We collaborate because we all have the same goal in mind. Although, one of my strengths in this business is creative thinking and keeping deals together that otherwise would have busted, sometimes it makes sense to bring it to the team and have other perspectives on the situation. That’s where this environment of collaboration comes in so beautifully. We do lunch & learns and focus meetings where all of us from the different areas of the business come together to brainstorm deals, business development, or anything else that’s relevant to creating the best customer experience and growing our businesses.

These are just a few of the ways we strive to create a customer experience you love. We look forward to working with you in the coming months. Keep in mind that when we have new listings, we launch them on the website first and through our email second, then we blast them to the public and other brokers. If you know someone that needs to be on our distribution list to hear about the deals first, please share their email or forward the newsletter.

Enjoy the rest of February and let’s ramp up for a prosperous March!

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